A Story of Animism: Past, Present & Future

The indigenous people of the world have understood for centuries that everything has a soul, be it human, animal, plant, rock or wind.  It is known as Animism.

'The Personified Universe' takes this a step further by imagining that everything in the universe, be it a star, the sun, the moon, the earth and down to a single particle, has a soul, a personality, a history and a future.

These entities have a story to tell about where they came from, how they exist now, there views on humanity and also provide insight into the future of our solar system and the rogue influence that is changing everything.

Do you dare to imagine just like you did when you were a kid, that everything has life and there are 'super' forces?

Do you think there is spirit behind evolution?
Do you believe there is a universal force?
Do you think the universe is conscious?
Do you feel in touch with everything?

'The Personified Universe' is a story of animism and explains how the universe and everything in it has a living personality, a driving force called the 'Universal Dint' and a mission to imagine, create, gain knowledge and experience life at all levels.

From the moments before the big bang, the story follows a single particle known as a 'Dot' and how it experienced the beginnings of universal life, the evolution of the universe,the formation of the solar system and the evolution of life on earth.

If you enjoy seeing the universe through different eyes, are inspired by new thoughts on how the earth came to life, have a desire to relate to the driving spirit behind all things and wonder what future could be before us, this book is a must.

A Story from the Universal Dint.
Original Music and Content.

  Universal ~adjective :  
pertaining to the whole;
Dint ~noun : force; power; 

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