The Book: The Personified Universe

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Table of Contents

1. The Alpha Singularity
Written from the narrator’s point of view, "The Alpha Singularity" describes how the universe began with a single 
Dot that was thought and then after finding it could think no more, it decided to explode into an infinite number
of Dots in order to grow beyond imagination and transcend into experience. The Dots then began their
individual journeys.
2. A Dot's Perspective
Written from an individual Dot's point of view, "A Dot's Perspective" talks about how a Dot saw life as an individual, how it learnt about space, time, color and logic, and how it desired to be something. Then the Dot looks into the
relationships with other Dot's, their abilities to join and separate, how they communicate and how they become
new things.
3. An Evolving Universe
Written from the narrator’s point of view, "An Evolving Universe" describes the Alpha Dot that is in the center of
the universe, the first formations, the discovery of the Center Dot that is at the center of all things existing and
new phenomenon’s and spacial objects such as gravity, nebula, stars, asteroids and comets.

4. The New Son
Written from the narrator’s point of view, "The New Son" is about the formation and evolution of our solar system and in particular, the third  planet from the son named Erda (also known as Earth) and its new son called Luna
(the Moon).  It began when Lucifer the star and how he wanted a family, so he enticed some asteroids and gas
clouds to form his planets.  Then a comet named Eden collided with the third planet named Terra, creating
the moon and providing the basic elements and relationships for life to begin.
Life flourished until a rogue asteroid named Iblis came into the system and collided with Erda.  It killed most of the
life but Erda was able to rebuild life and in particular build a super species named humans.  What they didn't
realize was that Iblis had influenced life on Erda and brought trouble and selfishness with him.
5. Life on Erda
Written from an individual Dot's point of view, "Life of Erda" follows the journey of an individual Dot and how it
came into being, existed as clouds, land, rocks, water, a tree and even animals and insects.  Finally, this Dot
followed a path through being an animal to be consumed by a human and become his desired goal, the Center
Dot of a human child.  The Dot also discusses the morality and ideals of being human.
6. Luna Thoughts
Written from the moon's (Luna's) point of view, "Luna Thoughts" looks down and sees what is happening on
Erda, the influence and destruction by man, the way people treat each other and the rise of religions and the issues associated with them.  Luna also looks into the potential of Iblis and reviews some of the fantastic experiences
Dots have had on Erda.
7. Re-evolution
Written from the narrator’s point of view,  "Re-evolution" looks into the future of Earth and the Universe, and the
impending battle between the forces of nature and the technology inspired Iblis, evaluating what could happen
depending on how the war unfolds and who wins.

Book Sample Available on Amazon.

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